Your Guide to Agricultural Abundance

AGREA recognizes the crucial need to capacitate the current and future generations of farmers. Safeguarding the well-being of farmers and the knowledge they possess is essential to a prosperous agricultural sector, and to the country’s capacity to feed its people.

Through agriculture, farmers can be a starting point for change.

  • Capacity-Building & Sustainable Agriculture Training for Farmers
  • Food Security & Sufficiency Masterplan
  • Roundtable Discussions and Advocacy Events
  • Farm Tourism Development
  • Sustainability Services

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Capacity-building & sustainable agriculture training for farmers

Are you looking to build sustainable partnerships with farmers? AGREA’s team of agriculturists, social workers, strategic community organizers, and multi-stakeholders partnerships will help you optimize your agricultural production while equipping your farmer-partners with the right skills to build sustainable livelihoods:

  • Profiling & Needs Assessment of Farmer-Partners
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Leadership & Values Formation Training
  • Technical Training on Sustainable Agriculture:
    • Integrated farming
    • System of Rice Intensification
    • Organic agriculture production: vegetables; chicken; hog raising; organic fertilizer and concoctions production
System of Rice Intensification introduced anew in Marinduque

Food Security & Sufficiency Masterplan

AGREA offers full-scale planning for local governments, public institutions, schools, and private enterprises to take effective action for food security and nutrition:

  • Community Evaluation. Evaluate communities in need and set actionable targets for food security and nutrition.
  • Market Assessment. On-the-ground interviews with market sellers to assess situation of agricultural imports and exports.
  • The Garden Classroom. Educational programs for elementary school students to learn food cultivation, healthy eating, and environmental stewardship.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure. Advising for land development in rural areas to preserve ecological balance, optimize land available for agriculture, and connect food producers to markets.
  • Farm Tourism. Consulting for sustainable farm tourism development.
  • AGREA Farm School. DA ATI- and TESDA-accredited short (2-day) to long (42-day) certification programs for farmers and farming enthusiasts:
    • Organic Agriculture Production NCII
    • Agricultural Crops NCII
    • Pest Management (Vegetables) NCII
    • Agribusiness / Agriculture Entrepreneurship
    • Agriculture Short Courses

Learn more: System of Rice Intensification introduced anew in Marinduque

The Garden Classroom now officially thrives in Siargao

DAPA, SIARGAO – AGREA’s The Garden Classroom (TGC) officially thrives in “The Best Island in the World”: Siargao.

Siargao's women take chances in leading agri sector

The 'More Love for Women Farmers' conference is part of AGREA’s local iteration of Leaders and Entre