AGREA Farm School offers free organic farming training plus financial assistance

AGREA Farm School offers free organic farming training plus financial assistance

26 Aug, 2018

BOAC, MARINDUQUE. Deserving scholarship applicants who are willing to take a full 28-day Organic Agriculture Production (OAP) NCII training at the AGREA Farm School are also entitled to financial assistance and book allowance.

The AGREA Farm School, through the support of TESDA Marinduque Provincial Office, delivers expanded student assistance to willing and deserving Organic Agriculture Production (OAP) NCII scholarship applicants in the Province of Marinduque.

The Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) program is one form of assistance to students in private education under Republic Act 8645, otherwise known as “Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education Act”.

Section 8 of the said RA establishes TESDA-PESFA under the Assistance to College Freshman. The program shall be directed to area-based critical skills that respond to emerging and highly in-demand job requirements in the local and overseas labor market and shall be purposively driven in accordance with the Seek-Find-Train-Certify-Employ policy of the agency.

PESFA program aims to extend financial assistance to marginalized but deserving students in Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses and to assist private institutions in their development efforts by assuring a steady supply of enrollees to their course offerings.

Target Training Schedule
The TESDA PESFA training at the AGREA Farm School will be scheduled from September to November 2018.

Qualification of PESFA Target Beneficiaries
The target beneficiaries of PESFA shall have the following qualifications:

  1. Must have completed at least secondary education (a graduate of high school, or a K-12 Grade 10 Finisher);
  2. Have never entered college;
  3. Must be Filipino Citizen of at least fifteen (15) years old at the start of the training;
  4. With an annual family income of three hundred thousand (P300,000.00) and below;
  5. Non-Marinduque applicants may also apply subject to additional requirements and very limited slots. Refer to contact details below for details.

Scholarship Benefits
Each scholar shall be entitled to the following benefits:



Free Tuition

The free tuition covers 232 hours of OAP NCII training

Student Allowance

Php60.00 per day

Book Allowance

Php500.00/whole training

Free Assessment

The free assessment follows shortly after the OAP NCII training

Entrepreneurship Training An entrepreneurship training courtesy of AGREA shall also be integrated in the training program free of charge.

The AGREA Farm School
Located in Barangay Cawit, Boac, Marinduque and with a consistent national assessment passing rate of 100% since it opened in November 2017, offers OAP NCII.

OAP NCII is a month-long technical-vocational training and skills development training that is consist of competencies in the production of organic farm products such as organic fertilizers, vegetables, chicken, and hogs.

AGREA Farm School maintains 100% pass rate - again!
Take the Organic Agriculture NCII Course at the AGREA Farm School

Documentary Requirements

  • Copy of Form 138, Report Card or Certificate from the school where the applicant has completed his/her secondary education; and
  • Any of the following documents showing that the applicant has an annual family income of not more than Three Hundred Thousand Philippine Pesos (P300,000.00):    
    • Annual Income Tax Return or Certificate of Compensation Payment;
    • Tax Withheld for the previous year;
    • Certificate of Tax Exemption from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR); or
    • Certificate of Indigency issued either by the City/Municipal Mayor, City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer (C/MSWDO) or Barangay Captain.
  • Filled-out Learner’s Profile Form. (This copy is available at the AGREA Farm School or at the TESDA Marinduque Provincial Office in Boac, Marinduque.)
  • 5 pcs 1x1 photograph (white background)
  • 4 pcs passport size photograph (white background, formal)
  • Medical certificate
  • Barangay clearance
  • Photocopy of any government-issued ID (if available)

To know more about the AGREA Farm School, Organic Agriculture Production NCII, and for information and other inquiries, call/text Sun Cellular 0933 824-6020, Globe 0917 888-6505, Landline (042) 332-0025, M-F Office hours 9AM-5PM, or send an email to .

You may also visit the TESDA Provincial Office in Marinduque: 2/F JRT Building, Magsaysay St., Brgy. Isok I, Boac, Marinduque. Tel. No. (042) 332-0231, email address .