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AGREA 1000 Strong is an innovative and inclusive community of volunteers with a big heart: male and female youth leaders, teachers and educators, mothers, senior citizens, Overseas Filipino Workers, members of the LGBT+ community, and farming and fisherfolk leaders.

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Cultivation of Human Beings

Based in the island province of Marinduque in the Philippines, AGREA 1000 Strong has a social mission of cultivating human beings through volunteer work consistent with AGREA's Eight Thrusts (i.e., health and nutrition, intercultural collaboration, responsible tourism, education, development communication, livelihood through entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection).

Volunteer Programs


We are confident that through our various volunteering programs, you will grow into individuals with a thinking heart and leave an ongoing legacy in your community by adhering to AGREA's Core Values and Principles: Service-oriented, Ownership, Intelligent heart, and Leadership.

You're one of a thousand

With a strong belief in Ecology of Dignity, individuality, inclusivity, and servant leadership, AGREA 1000 Strong is set to cultivate human beings to be the agents of change. AGREA, as a social enterprise, implements community-based and organization-based programs supported by thorough trainings and holistic workshops.

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We welcome the following individuals to be members of AGREA 1000 Strong:

Male and Female Youth Leaders

Through active engagement and motivation, male and female youth leaders can take on ownership and become lifelong contributors to community development and well-being. Male and female youth leaders aged 13 to 35 years are encouraged to join AGREA 1000 Strong and be agents of change.

Teachers and Educators

Teachers and educators are best known for the role of educating students. Beyond the classroom, they serve many other roles: build a warm environment, mentor and nurture individuals through extension, and also become role models in their respective communities.


Mothers have unique skill sets and challenges. And all of their situations are valid. A mother loves her children deeply, and her most important role is to love her children with all her heart. They are understanding, nurturing, they listen, and they have a great sense of responsibility.

Senior Citizens

Our seniors are important because, if given the opportunity, they have much to teach us. They are helpful in applying lessons of life such as self esteem, self respect, and self discipline. With their years of experience, our seniors have a lifelong practical experience to offer.

Overseas Filipino Workers

Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs, are strong pillars of the Philippine economy. They capitalize on the opportunity to move more freely in a globalized world, and large amounts of their higher incomes flow back to their families in the form of remittances. Through their involvement, they can still be able to inspire development in their local communities.

Persons with Disability

Disabled persons can be converted from tax consumers to tax payers, from beneficiaries to benefactors, given the opportunity for self-development and provided with equal opportunities for education and extension, volunteer work, vocational training, and employment, among many others.

Members of the LGBT+ Community

Having visible LGBT+ members and role models can have a transformative impact on creating a truly inclusive community and society. Members of the LGBT+ community are prepared to go that one step further, go above and beyond, as well as challenge the status quo.

Farmer and Fisherfolk Leaders

Farmer and fisherfolk leaders have technical, financial, production, people, as well as organizational skills. They communicate clearly, most especially on most difficult issues. Agriculture leaders are proactive, they think ahead and out of the box, and they see change as an opportunity. As volunteers, they can be change makers, enablers, and agents of development, too.

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Be a 1000Strong Volunteer

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