Agrea Farm Estate

A Hub for Growth and Learning

Located in Barangay Cawit, Boac, Marinduque and situated between the ocean and the mountains, AGREA’s Model Farm is a 2,500sqm hub of growth and learning.

The Model Farm serves three main functions:

Research and development

At the Model Farm, AGREA is constantly testing farming technologies and challenging some of the myths around farming. To date, AGREA has proven that high value crops such as lettuce can grow in saline soil.

Additionally, AGREA is conducting research and experiments on organic pesticides and fertilizers with the goal of sharing the knowledge and techniques to Marinduque farmers in order to reduce the costs of maintaining a healthy farm.

A HUB OF GROWTH AND LEARNING. The AGREA Model Farm serves as a center for research and development, organic agriculture training and workshop, and a showcase of a sustainable farm-to-table movement.

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Training and workshops
More than growing produce, AGREA believes in dignifying farmers through education - growth of skills and knowledge.

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AGREA is the first TESDA-accredited farm school in Marinduque to offer a program in Organic Agriculture Production NCII covering competencies in raising organic chicken, producing organic vegetables, producing organic fertilizers and concoctions, applying safety measures in farm operations, practicing career professionalism, and applying safety measures in farm operations, among others.

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AGREA also offers Organic Gardening Skills Training for gardening enthusiasts and those wanting to learn more about going organic.

IT STARTS IN THE SOIL. AGREA Model Farm has an in-house organic vermicomposting facility complete with a shredding area, a pre-decomposting area, and a fully-functional vermi house.

Farm to table movement

Harvests from the AGREA Model Farm are consumed by AGREA staff and guests who visit the farm and is sold to local buyers. AGREA is proud of its fresh, crunchy, and organic produce, and aims to showcase the true joy of eating what is grown in a "backyard".

As of the moment, produce from the AGREA Model Farm is only available to Marinduque-based customers.

Know More About The Agrea Model Farm

If you want to know more about the AGREA Model Farm, or you have inquiries about AGREA's Organic Gardening Skills Training, save a date or ask details about the training, or if you have inquiries on how to order AGREA Fertilizer Packs, please contact us and send us a message.